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Value Chain Activity: Manufacturing Electrical Components: Solar Inverters, Wires and Transformers

北京28预测The manufacturing of inverters, wires and transformers is largely a commodities business. Efficiencies of these devices are already realtively high, offering little room for technical differentiation. There are exceptions - for instance, Stecca produces a solution to the problem of partial shading when solar modules become as inefficient as under full shading.

The global leaders are SMA Solar Technologies and Fronius. Apart from that there are very few pure-play inverter- companies. instead, there are many module manufacturers that vertically integrate into electrical components - not just selling them, but actually producing them. in addition, there are big electrical or electronics companies that diversify into the solar market including well-known names like Siemens, Danfoss and GE Energy.


This is a small selection of companies active in this sector, but provides an insight into the diversity and provenance of the players involved.

Name Country Comments
Top Companies
Austria Inverters, monitoring
Germany World leader in inverter technology
Specialising in electrical components
Denmark For solar market: Inverters and monitoring devices. Otherwise, Danfoss manufactures many other electrical products.
Germany Also in telecoms business
Germany Part of the Diehl Controls company, for pv industry Diehl produces the "Platinum" inverters and monitoring devices.
Germany Kaco produces inverters for on- and off-grid applications as well as for other industries.
USA Manufactures the "Aurora" inverters
Germany Prysmian specialises in cables
Switzerland inverters and el equipment
Germany Inverters, Connectors, Controllers
China Sungrow specialises in DC inverters for solar and wind applications.
Germany Inverters, monitoring, tracking - wholly owned by Conergy (see below).
Vertically integrated companies
Germany Conergy has abandoned bioenergy and solar thermal to just focus on photovoltaics in attempt to turn around operations. Fully integrated from modules and inverters to projects.
South Korea CPV modules with cells from Emcore (high concentration). Also crystalline pv and inverters.
USA In renewables: more active in wind than solar.
Spain Produces mono-crystalline cells (to 17.2%) and modules to 13.8%. Now developing a high-concentration pv module (1000x). Also manufactures solar thermal collectors and inverters.
Japan Pioneer in solar technology. Its new range of modules use special plasma coating to reduce reflection off the glass. Multicrystalline cell efficiency 16.5%
Japan Apart from solar modules, Mitsubishi Electric also produces all electrical components necessary.
Taiwan One of the largest PV cell manufacturers. Monocrystalline efficiency to 18.24%, multicrystalline to 16.5%
France Photowatt produces three types of inverters for their modules.
Netherlands Inverters, bipv and turnkey projects
Spain With Siliken Chemicals, Electronics and Modules produce poly-Si, modules, inverters. Module production 92MW
Germany Production capacity 2008: 260MW, Plan for 2010: 700MW. Module efficiency 16% (multi) and 17% (mono). Won the "Highest yield module" Photon award 2008
Germany Sunways produces a number of inverters to match their modules.

北京28预测Downloads: Download comprehensive list of ingot & wafer producers including financial ratios, revenues and other information.


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