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Value Chain Activity: Concentrating PV Modules

CPV module manufacturers assemble the solar cells, concentrator unit and heat sink to form a module。 Where applicable, companies will either integrate a tracking device or offer it as a separate product for free-standing module installations。

Industry Context

Barriers to entry

Barriers are reasonably low due to the fact that most materials and manufacturing processes are pretty standard, given that the cells are manufactured elsewhere。



Depending on the degree of concentration, the solar cell is either silicon-based or a multi-junction cell. If it is the latter, the cell will most likely be supplied by one of only 3 players.



北京28预测This is a very promising technology. However, as a newcomer, it will need to demonstrate that it delivers significant improvements over other established pv technologies. As far as its application is concerned, it appears to be wedged in between concentrated solar thermal and flat photovolatics, which could prove to be an uncomfortable position.


As a rather recent technology (being commercialized), there are many new entrants, many of whom are venture-funded. There are of course some familiar names from other technologies such as Q-Cells (here under the disguise of "Sovello").

There is no dominant design as of yet。 And it may never converge to just one, as different applications may dictate different concentration ratios。 As of now, there is a high degree of product differentiation, as can be seen from our company list。

One of the leading companies is no doubt SolFocus which has an installed base of 5MW, with another 10MW being installed in Spain.

PV Cell





The main value proposition of cpv modules is lower cost of ownership than other photovoltaic technologies in clear and sunny locations. A further drop in silicon prices may threaten this presumption.

Company Details

Name Country Comments
High-Concentration CPV
USA 2-axis, 37% cell efficiency, 31% capacity factor 31%
Taiwan High-concentration 600x fresnel lense. Also produces GaAs cell
Spain High concentration 500x
Germany High concentratation system. Has 25MW production capacity. Spin-off from Fraunhofer institute
USA High concentration 300-400x, balloon shaped modules. In development. Using triple junction cells, but want to move to silicon
USA "Sunflower" - CPV Technology with multijunction cell, high concentration, 2-axis tracking
USA High concentration 300x. "Diamond Power" Series developed for roof-top including 2-axis tracking
USA High concentration, using silicon, low cost
South Korea CPV modules with cells from Emcore (high concentration). Also crystalline pv
Taiwan High- and low concentration CPV
USA High concentration, Now constructing 2MW plant
Spain High concentration modules. Also system integrator.
Spain Produces mono-crystalline modules. Now developing a high-concentration pv module (1000x). Also manufactures solar thermal collectors. 
Canada "Light guide solar optic" technology allows 1,400x high concentration without being bulky with ultra-thin optical structures. No lenses, mirrors or prisms used!
USA High concentration CPV with 2-axis tracking and proprietary lens system (similar to Fresnel point lens). Use water as a passive coolant.
UK 120x concentrator in development
Spain High concentration CPV systems with cells from AzurSpaces
USA High concentration CPV (500x) Modules - to build 10MW plant in Spain. Have installation 5MW in Puertolino, Spain
USA VC-funded. High concentration CPV 500x for rooftop applications
USA Targeting a wholesale price or $/kWh 0.05. High concentration of > 1,600 with proprietary cooling technology. Requires 16 times less land than thin-film
UK CPV with built-in tracking mechanism targeted at both solar farms and roof-top applications. 
Low Concentration CPV
USA Organic solar concentrator. No tracking or cooling required. Under development
Taiwan High- and low concentration CPV
USA Low concentration CPV with 100kW demo production. Increasing by 300kW
Canada Produces 1MW pa CPV modules. Low concentration with reflectors and high concentration with refractive optics
USA Low concentration CPV achieved through holographic film that diffracts light, which is then guided thru reflection to the pv element. No need for cooling or tracking.
USA Low concentration CPV with single axis tracking, silicon cells, and linear reflectors.
USA 31.5% owned by Q-Cells. Low concentration CPV, silicon based (Q-Cells) cells, attached to optical front cover, cutting silicon requirement by 50%. Building 25MW capacity
USA VC-funded. Low concentration CPV (3x) without tracking, but see-thru for bipv
Spain Also manufacturer of wind turbines. In CPV both low (2.25x) and medium concentration (120x)
USA VC-funded. Ceased operating!

Downloads: Download comprehensive list of manufacturers of concentrating photovoltaics modules.


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