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Value Chain Activity: Manufacturing high-efficiency multi-junction Cells

Similar to thin-film manufacturing, thin layers of photovoltaic material are deposited onto a substrate. The emphasis here, however, is on quality, rather than cost. This way, cell efficiencies of over 40% are achieved.

Industry Context


With increasing interest from terrestrial photovoltaic module makers, there will be more entrants into this market, which will put pressure on cost and margins.


The industry is dominated by three companies covering 95% of the market. They all come from the space- business, but are now extending into terrestrial applications. However, the market has seen a number of new entrants to crash the established oligopoly.

PV Cell


With efficiencies of crystalline silicon products increasing, it could become a serious contender. However, in some segments, high efficiency can not be replaced by cheaper products.



In the terrestrial solar market, buyers are concentrating pv module makers。


Company Details

Name Country Comments
Top-3 Companies    
USA Comes from space- business. Market leader in the triple junction cell market
USA A Boeing company from space research. In terrestrial: Provider of multi-junction cells for cpv.
Germany Produces high quality silicon and GaAs cells for cpv
Other Companies    
Taiwan High-concentration 600x fresnel lense. Also produces GaAs cell
Canada In Research
UK Mult junction cell in research
Taiwan High-efficiency GaAs cell
USA High-efficiency GaAs cell under development
USA Produces turnkey lines for modules, cells and thin-film. With Spire Semiconductor subsidiary developes high efficiency cells with GaAs


Downloads: Download comprehensive list of manufacturers of high-efficiency triple-junction cells and additional information.


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