Solar Energy

Deriving energy from the sun is perhaps the most obvious choice of renewable energy source. The solar energy that reaches the sunny island of Sicily in one year is twice the annual worldwide electricity consumption. The sun has proved to be a most predictable source of energy year on year. It can be used to generate solar power北京28预测 or to heat up water or other liquids..

The Technologies


In photovoltaic modules, solar radiation is directly converted into an electric current.

Solar Thermal Modules

Solar thermal modules utilise the sun's energy to heat water, which is then pumped into residential central heating.

Concentrated Solar Thermal

As in solar thermal modules, sun light is used to heat up a fluid, except, in order to achieve high temperatures, the light beams are concentrated using mirrors. The hot fluid is then used to drive a conventional turbine to generate electricity.
Solar Radiation - Characteristics
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Focus on Africa

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At Green Rhino Energy, we are very passionate about solar energy projects in Africa. The continent seems to be destined for solar energy due to the most favourable solar irradiation values. Annual irradiation hovers between 1,700 - 2,300 kWh/m2北京28预测, which is roughly twice the amount enjoyed in Europe north of the Alps. The map below depicts countries ranked by irradiation of their best locations.


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