Global Map of Incentives for Renewable Energy

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We are putting together a global map showing countries that have incentives for the installation / implementation of renewable energy generators. All prices are per kWh unless otherwise stated. We will add more data soon. Please contact us if there are any details that we should add or update.

Various categories of incentives and tariffs are on offer to encourage installation and generation of renewable energy. The most common are:

  • Feed-in tariff: Payments per generated kWh, mostly a fixed price, but is sometimes variable.
  • Net-metering: Here, it is assumed that the site owner uses some of the generated electricity on site. A "net-metering" tariff credits the net electricity exported back to the grid.
  • Production tax credits: Similar to the feed-in tariff, though instead of a cash payment, the investor receives a tax credit for each kWh generated.
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