Services for project developers and investors

Renewable energy assets, carbon projects and other clean energy ventures provide competitive returns for project developers as well as outside investors. Key is understanding risks.

  • Financial modelling: Forecast of revenues and cash flows under varying assumptions of key parameters.
  • Production forecast: We evaluate the annual production forecast, including scenario and senstivity analysis.
  • Feasibility study: We can assist you with feasibility studies including energy resource potential (e.g. solar potential), design & engineering recommendations, capex and opex assessment, revenue forecast, analysis of regulatory framework and risk assessment.
  • Comprehensive risk assessment: We provide a comprehensive risk analysis, including financial, operational and technical risks - and make recommendations for mitigation strategies where appropriate.
  • Evaluation / prepartion of investment memorandum: We can help you with the prepration of an investment memorandum and presentation.
  • Renewable Energy Project Finance: We can assist you with creating financial structures for projects.
Supporting the full lifecycle of renewable energy projects

Energy yield analysis


北京28预测Feasibility study


北京28预测Plant concept


北京28预测Opportunity screening





北京28预测Preparation of tender documents


Selection of EPC partner and solution.


Quality assurance of delivered components.




Acceptance protocol and test conditions


Quality assurance of installation.







北京28预测Operation & maintenance concept


Selection of O&M partner


Service monitoring


Advice on re-financing



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