Carbon Emissions and Electricity Consumption around the world

The maps below show carbon-dioxide emissions and electricity consumption for each country, and also per capita. They also show "indirect emissions" of CO2 from the generation of electricity and heat. Not surprisingly, there are vast differences in the way electricity is generated. The data in the maps is from EIA as of 2007.

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CO2 Emissions: The U.S. and China are the two countries that emit most - without others even coming close.
CO2 Emissions per person: On a per-capita basis, the Top-Five countries are all in the Middle East with one notable exception: Luxemburg.
How much do we depend on electricity? Interestingly, people in Scandinavian countries are relying much more on electricity than in other countries.
How clean is electricity really? This depends very much on the technology used to generate electricity and on the state it is in. Countries with huge natural resources such as Iceland do so with almost no burning of fossil fuels. Huge potential for rewewable energy technologies arises in countries with a high indirect emission factors.
How clean is "clean coal"? In general, it is not. But there are cleaner and less clean ways of producing electricity with coal. That depends on the type of coal used as well as the power station.
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