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Clean Energy comprises products, processes and services that are designed to enable sustainable use of energy. Key elements include the clean generation of electricity, clean transport, products that use energy more efficiently and processes that reduce demand in energy.

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What is driving Clean Energy?

Drivers for Clean Energy Technologies


Governments are generally concerned about environmental issues (including climate change risks), the uninterrupted supply of affordable energy, public opinion and international commitments. Those have to balanced by budget constraints and political pragmatism.

This can lead to an array of policy inducements in the form of incentives, taxes and regulation. Most public policy is directed towards the demand (i.e. support of use), though some resources are spent on direct support for R&D in clean tech companies and universities or direct investment in renewable energy assets such as wind parks..


For private companies, the business case of clean energy technologies is quite different. In most instances, it will not include references to climate change or energy security. These concerns have already been translated by governments into policy. Instead, business decisions will mainly be based on economic analysis, tkaing into account regulatory frameworks, changing demographics or need for replacement of existing infrastructure.

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