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Green Rhino Energy 北京28预测is a management consulting company providing tactical and strategic advice for organisations involved in clean energy, especially photovoltaics, wind and tidal energy. Green Rhino Energy is incorporated in England, UK.

Joachim Baumgaertner is CEO and founder of Green Rhino Energy Ltd.
北京28预测 Joachim is passionate about bringing technologies, markets and finance together. He has consulted for a diverse set of organisations including university spin-offs, start-ups and hedge funds.

北京28预测Prior to founding Green Rhino Energy, Joachim has over 12 years commercial experience in capital markets and energy industry. He undertook a research study on the optimization of hybrid renewable energy systems with photovoltaic modules and wind turbines for remote areas without access to a grid.

北京28预测Joachim has an MBA from London Business School, an MPhil in Renewable Energy from Loughborough University and a Master in Electrical Engineering from the University of Stuttgart.

北京28预测Joachim holds professional certificates from the Crichton Centre for Carbon Management (Carbon Management) and the German School for Solar Energy (Expert in Photovoltaics).

Company Details

北京28预测Green Rhino Energy Ltd, registered in England & Wales, company no. 06561108, whose registered office is at 82 Fordwych Road, London NW2 3TJ, UK

VAT registration: GB109451818

email: info@minteh.com

Tel.: +44 20 334 880 80

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